Learning at the Speed of Love

I am open today.  I’ve been open for a while.  I’ve been learning at high speed.  I’ve been learning at the speed of Love.

With a mind at peace and my breathing slowed I open myself up to infinite wisdom and I find it everywhere.  I hear it in a song, I read it in a Facebook post, I feel it from my son.  And I absorb it all.  I take it in faster than I could possibly apply it, but it’s there all the same.

There’s no rush.  Let these lessons be a slow burn.  May my light ever-so-slightly glow brighter.  May I walk just that much taller.  May I speak with just a little more humility.  And may I forgive a nano-second more quickly than before.

Patience my dear.

The soil is ready.  The seeds are planted.  The water trickles down.  I need only witness.  I need only watch it grow.  Because while the learning may be rapid, the living need not be. 

Gather up all that serves your highest.  Clutch it to your breast.  Lean your head down to nuzzle it.  Know it is for your best. 

This is how we do it.  This is how we roll.  This is learning at the speed of Love.

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One Response to Learning at the Speed of Love

  1. Sharon says:


    (and thought-provoking photo too — nice)

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