That I am You

I could get really specific about what tempts me…what holds me back…what appears to keep me from my goals.  I could list the people, the foods, the activities.  I could go there with the excuses and wax poetic about how hard life is.  I could…but I will not.

It begins and ends with me.

And as long as I inhabit this body, I am the one who steers its course.  I am at the wheel.  No one and nothing but me makes my life.  What I see before me, I have dreamt once before.  I have no one to praise, and no one to blame.  It is me and the spirit that moves me…nothing more.

And this is as true for me as it is for you.  For I am you.  So when I look at you, I see not she who I should judge or compete with.  I see myself and I am content.  My heart sighs and my hand reaches out.  I take you with me.

It is not easy, but it is simple.  My excuses serve only to complicate the simplicity and to distance myself from the goal.  The goal is Love.  The goal is revelation.  The goal is truth.  To live that which has always been and always will be true.  That I am you.  And we are Love.

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